The Power of Positivity

There are many people that don’t understand the importance of energy and attitude in daily life.  Your outlook and perception of situations can affect the outcome in either a negative or positive manner.  Have you ever wondered why some people are always happy no matter what?  It is because of how they mentally manage and perceive situations, even if that particular situation doesn’t go the way they expected or desired.

Complaining and a lack of gratitude creates a negative environment not only for you, but for those around you.  This type of energy can inhibit great business deals, ward off friends and family, and box you into a “me against the world” mentality.  Although there are times where you may be successful as a lone wolf in your endeavors, there will definitely be times when you need the cooperation and support of others to help you win.

This is where the power of a positive mindset comes in.  Studies show that people with a positive attitude and mindset are happier, more productive, and achieve much more in their lifetimes.  Positivity makes you a light to other people, and they become attracted to you and your endeavors.  This helps you to draw better business partners, better opportunities, friends, and romantic partners as well.

Some benefits of a positive attitude are considerable;

  1. Attitude affects your interpretation of events. Obstacles are a part of any significant success. With a poor attitude, every obstacle is viewed as a threat, rather than a challenge.
  1. A positive attitude is motivating and creates positive expectations. When you have a negative outlook, you are more willing to quit before you reach your goal.However, positivity motivates you to keep going until you have gotten the desired outcome.
  1. A positive attitude prevents and alleviates stress. With a positive attitude, it’s much easier to be happy and relaxed. A poor attitude increases the amount of stress in any situation and is counterproductive to your goal. An optimistic attitude will always help you win!
  2. A positive attitude boosts self-esteem. When you expect good things to happen, you can’t help but feel confident and good about yourself. This also prompts you to take on bigger goals and to accomplish more.
  1. A positive attitude attracts positive results. It’s often said that good things happen to good people. It would be more accurate to state that good things happen to those with good attitudes.


A few tips to help you develop a more positive mindset are;

  1. Prayer – Prayer and religious affiliation are shown to increase a positive mindset in human beings. Prayer has also been shown to help with regulation of blood pressure and stress.
  1. Meditation – Meditation increases self-awareness and is a great way to manage stress on a daily basis.
  1. Watch Your Circle – Are you around positive people, or are the people around you constantly complaining and griping?You may need to change the individuals that you are spending your time with.
  1. Laugh Often – When you laugh, there are many processes that take place in the brain and body.During laughter, endorphins are released into the bloodstream, and naturally calm stress and improves mood.
  1. Always Look For The Silver Lining – Always look for the good in any situation and not the bad.Individuals that focus on the negative attributes of any situation carry negative energy that is unfavorable and difficult to work with.

If you need assistance with this topic, be willing to find a good Life Coach.  In some situations of trauma, therapy may be needed as well.  Whichever is befitting, be willing to make the mental changes that are needed!  You will begin to see your life take on a completely different form and flow!