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Private Vocal Coaching

Private Sessions

Cost per session - $50/half hour or $100/hour. Studio policy requires at least a 4-week commitment.

Group Session Age Groups

1) 6yrs – 9yrs
2) 10yrs – 13yrs
3) 14yrs – 17yrs

Classes are conducted in 8-week intervals and will accept only 6 children per class. Group class sessions are one full hour once a week. Please call our office for more information.

Curriculum Overview

1) Appropriate Breathing and Support for Singing
2) Posture and Appropriate Weight Distribution While Singing
3) Diaphragmatic Awareness and Engagement
4) Vowel Shaping and Production
5) Tone and Resonance
6) Psychological Skills Training
7) Relaxation Techniques
8) Microphone and Stage Etiquette

Along with curriculum listed students are also instructed in basic music terminology for singers, stage presence, confidence, mindset, and flow in performance.

Tuition - Classes for children are $650 for the 8-week session. An 8-week commitment is required from all students.