A Few Tips for a Great Performance!



1) Performers should eat, but not so much that they feel stuffed. Overeating limits movement in the diaphragm, which in turn makes it more difficult to support sound properly.


2) Don’t eat right before performing. Your body needs time to break down food into energy. Energy is needed to give the best performance possible!


3) Avoid all dairy products! They produce mucus in the nose and throat region.


4) Avoid citrus fruit! They have a tendency to dry the throat.


5) Avoid spicy foods and coffee! They irritate the throat, making it more difficult to sing.


6) NEVER DRINK COLD WATER BEFORE A PERFORMANCE! WATER SHOULD BE ROOM TEMPERATURE OR WARMER! Cold water will make the vocal chords stiff, and difficult for them to vibrate! (think about why we warm the voice up before we sing.)

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