Singers, Rappers, Ministers, Public Speakers:

Things that you should NEVER eat before a live performance or studio session;

1) NO DAIRY – Dairy product cause mucus to build up in the body.
2) NO CITRUS FRUITS – Citrus foods are drying to the vocal folds.
3) NO SPICY FOODS – Spicy foods irritate the vocal folds.
4) NO ALCOHOL – Alcohol dehydrates the body including the vocal folds.
5) NO COFFEE – Coffee dehydrate the body and the vocal folds.
6)NO SODAS – Sodas dehydrate the body. Also, they cause the stomach to bloat due to the carbonation.
7) NO COLD DRINKS – EVEN WATER!!! Anything cold will cause your vocal folds to be stiff and hard to move. Not only will this affect your sound, it can also cause injury!

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