I took vocal lessons with Angelia for two years at Brass Bell Music store. Even though I always wanted to sing, I never thought I would ever be able to sing before I met Angelia. She demonstrated knowlege about performances and vocal techniques that I never knew existed. I saw immediate improvement in voice. I went from being completely tone deaf to singing songs by Adele, Nina Simone, and many other vocalist I admire. Angelia also established good rapport with all of her clients and still maintained her professionalism. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know and as a matter of fact I have before.

  -Angela Lewis


My daughter has taken voice lessons from Angelia for almost 2 years. She has loved every minute of it. She has always loved to sing, but the lessons gave her more confidence and a focus. I have heard her “teaching” friends things that she has learned from her lessons. She is generalizing the skills she learned with Angelia. She will miss her so much!

  -Sandra Noll



My 8 year old daughter started voice lessons with Angelia in February 2011 and we were so sad to see her leave in July 2011. We wish her the very best in the future. We will miss you!

In less than 3 months, Angelia gave my daughter not only the tools and techniques to train her voice but the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd. Her range and breadth of knowledge from jazz to pop was backed up with knowledge of music theory and practical tips that gave a well rounded training. She was wonderful about spotting strengths and weaknesses and gave suggestions to better oneself. She knows a ton about preparation and performing, and most important–she enjoys doing it!

Aparna Datey


Great teacher. It’s incredibly valuable. Musicdeeva has given my daughter the key to get most out of her voice. Thank you very much!!

-Yuri Finah, Parent of Skype student in Singapore


Angelia my girlfriend was without words when she saw the video card. She watched it about 20 times. By the way, she asked me to send you a kiss. Thanks very much! You are the greatest!

-Lelo Faars, Brazil