Many times, singers have no idea that they should stay away from certain foods before a performance, or that there are foods that will enhance the vibration and flexibility of the vocal folds. Here is a list of foods that will have a positive or negative affect on your performance.

Great Foods Before Performances:

  1. Water – Hydration is the #1 key to optimal vocal heath! Please make sure that you are adequately hydrated before a performance!
  2. Light Proteins – Fish, avocado, and raw nuts are great before a performance. They don’t stick to or irritate the vocal folds, and give energy as long as they are eaten in enough time for the body to process them before a performance.
  3. Veggies – These foods are light and great for overall health. They won’t make you feel weighed down or heavy right before you perform.
  4. Foods High in Magnesium – Bananas, apricots, red meats, tuna, and green veggies are high in magnesium. Magnesium is a natural beta-blocker that helps with sweating, clammy hands, and trembling due to anxiety. Also, these foods are high in tryptophan that is a natural stress reducer. 
  5. Foods To Avoid Before Performances:
  1. Dairy Products – Stay away from dairy products! These products cause an overproduction of mucus in the body, which is a nightmare for a singer!
  2. Caffeine – Coffee, black teas, and soda’s all dry the vocal folds! They will make the throat feel dry and will take away from optimal vibration of the folds!
  3. Spicy Foods – Anything spicy will irritate the vocal folds.
  4. Citrus Fruits – Lemons, limes, oranges, and any other citrus fruit will dry the vocal folds.
  5. Anything Ice Cold – This will cause your vocal folds to become stiff and to constrict! They will not vibrate properly, which will cause you to strain and will affect overall sound.   
  6. Do not overeat before performances! This will interfere with the diaphragm muscle, and will make it more difficult to breathe! However, make sure to eat a healthy and balanced meal to have enough energy during your performance!!


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