Perfection Versus Excellence

Are you an artist that never feels any of your work is good enough?  Do you constantly criticize yourself?  Are you holding on to ideas, unreleased music, or business ventures because you are afraid of failure?  Then you might be dealing with perfectionism, which is mentally unhealthy for you as an artist.

There is evidence that perfectionism may be a strong predictor of Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) among professional artist (Diaz, 2018).  Strong rigidity can cause high levels of anxiety in performers and some become completely paralyzed even in circumstances of intense training and preparation.  Often times, neurotic perfectionist set unrealistic goals for their performances and cause undue mental anxiety and depression. Music Performance Anxiety is common among singers, but entails different levels based on the overall personality traits of the performer.

If you are having issues with perfectionism and feel that it is a mild case, please call our offices so that we can assist you with coaching.  However, if you have feelings of depression, have developed any type of eating disorder, or severe anxiety please contact a therapist for counseling.




Diaz, F. M. (2018). Relationships among meditation, perfectionism, mindfulness, and performance anxiety among collegiate music students. Journal of Research in Music Education66(2), 150–167.